• The agenda of Dark vs Light and its role in trauma-abuse.
  • Stop tolerating vagueness and mistreatments.
  • Truth and clarity vs being terrified of getting clear.
  • Taking your power back from unclear relationships and situations.
  • Healing the roots of feeling unsafe to speak up.
  • Clearing the energy of trauma from the physical body.
  • Body-related issues.
  • Evolving from the toxic sexuality template.
  • Neutralising abusive energies of past events.
  • Reversing the slow deterioration set in place by trauma-abuse.
  • Creating internal space for healing to happen.
  • Q&A.


These calls are sacred in nature.  Please be mindful to maintain the sacred nature during the call. 

1. To the best of your ability, ensure you are in a calm atmosphere for the call.

2. Make sure you’re away from distractions – e.g. other people, electronics and loud activities.

3. When unmuting yourself to speak, be mindful of any background noise.

4. Have any nearby phones muted during the call.

Technical Support

At the scheduled time, if you have any technical difficulties getting into the call, please contact our team member Uli via WhatsApp or SMS on +254 717 868465.  Save this number in your phone now so you will have it ready. 

I look forward to seeing you inside!



Topic: The Power of Truth and Clarity
Hosted By: Amyra Mah
Start: Saturday, November 6, 2021 13:05
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Africa/Nairobi

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