Awaken To Magic

20-minute guided journey to sense the palpable spirit in the Unseen world and enrich your existence.


This magical journey enhances your ability to sense and appreciate beauty – allowing you to experience more Magic in your world.  Slow down from your busy life and allow joyous presence.  The exquisite vibrations in this recording can heal your unworthiness which blocks you from gifting yourself with riches.

You will be guided to sense the Unseen and feel the palpable spirit within it.  You will know yourself as an Eternal and Infinite Spirit.  You will remember you are a part of the Universe, raising your sense of belonging.  These expanded perspectives will elevate you increasingly to a higher existence.

If you’re feeling dull, stagnated or tired by life, this journey will revive your spirit and fill you with joy and inspiration so that life is juicy again.


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