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A Guided Journey In The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality

Product Description Amyra Mah has developed this much-awaited guided meditation to dissolve unwanted reality and create magical possibilities. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the book Magical Possibilities: The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality and The Magical Possibilities Workbook. In this 43-minute audio, Amyra guides you through the entire step-by-step process of The Art of Dissolving …

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Awaken To Magic

This magical journey enhances your ability to sense and appreciate beauty – allowing you to experience more Magic in your world.  Slow down from your busy life and allow joyous presence.  The exquisite vibrations in this recording can heal your unworthiness which blocks you from gifting yourself with riches. You will be guided to sense …

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Retrieving Lost Qualities

Reclaim that quality or trait which you feel you have lost. Do you feel you have lost a certain quality you used to have in the past and wish you can gain it back again? It could be a personality trait – such as confidence, trust, fearlessness or playfulness. It could be something you used …

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Instant Vitality

  Rejuvenate your health and increase energy. Feeling low in energy, physically drained, bored and unmotivated? This 18-minute audio helps clear away low vibration energies, giving you an instant increase in energy. It helps boost your immunity, and gives you back a sense of aliveness. Vibrationally, it restores your body to its original template of …

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Connect With Inner Power

Come back to your power within. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, pressured and off-balanced? This journey gently brings you back to the place of your true power, where you can hear the wisdom of your soul. All the answers and solutions to your problems are found in you. This audio makes it easy for you to reconnect …

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