The Path To Liberation

Product Description A Model For Living A Spiritually Aware Life. A manual to live a more spiritually attuned life.  Presenting the ‘Six Stages of Pain Processing’, a tool for assessing where you’re at in life, bring comfort to your healing and inspire you to find your own truth.

Embrace The Unlovable

Product Description Transform Shame Into Beauty and Power.  Today, it is so common for us to consistently find faults with ourselves and beat ourselves up. It’s become more normal for us to be self-abusive than to nourish ourselves with loving attitudes, thoughts and practices. We’ve become so used to operating this way that we don’t …

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Flowing Through The Void

Product Description Become a master alchemist of your inner world. Many self-help books guide readers to heal their issues from a limited perspective of who they are. The approach is often to help you undo the damages and live with the scars of your past. As such, the healings are simply to return you to …

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